About Us

Roar is a new media platform that covers news, political analysis, social and economic issues, business, culture, lifestyle, and technology in South Asia. We explore the issues, the ideas and the people that are shaping the region today and present them in a way that’s both meaningful and engaging. We portray these stories through news features, videos, and photo essays – creating an intellectual online smorgasbord for your mind.

Intro Mosaic

Roar was founded in 2014 and quickly became known for content that is insightful, entertaining, and reliable. Remaining unbiased is our guiding principle, and we love digging deep into the issues we tackle in order to deliver a complete, and comprehensive picture to our readers. Whether it be an opinion piece or a short documentary, our content is the result of extensive research, fact-checking, and a thorough editorial process. Our aim is to not just provide high-quality journalistic content but also create a better-informed society.


Roar currently publishes content across nine channels, and in five languages.

Roar Reports is where readers can stay informed of the latest developments in politics, economics, and social issues in Sri Lanka, and gain a better understanding of how these things impact us as a society. Roar Life celebrates the diversity of local communities and picks apart the zeitgeist that contributes to Sri Lanka's evolving arts, culture, food, and fashion scenes. Roar Tech provides up-to-date news and commentary on Sri Lanka's growing tech and startup industry.

Roar Sinhala and Roar Tamil has news and analysis of current affairs as well as pieces on culture and lifestyle written in Sinhalese and Tamil respectively. We also deliver content of the same quality and style on Roar Bangla and Roar Hindi, which cater to local audiences in Bangladesh and India.

As we grow, and as the media landscape continues to evolve, we understand that a certain degree of accountability comes with being a media platform - so we tell the stories that few others care to explore. We write investigative articles and compile photo essays on those who remain on the fringes of our society. We report on national crises, shed light on issues that are hid in the dark, and most of all, try to inspire people to take action and to make a difference.