Roar Media: Content Policy

Roar Media was born out of a desire to create space for ‘good’ content — content that drives positive impact. In South Asian markets typically saturated with news and gossip, we established ourselves with the intention of creating content that would educate and inspire.

As a digital-only, visual storytelling platform we leverage our knowledge of digital media to create infographics, articles, threads, reels, videos, documentaries and much more to capture the vibrancy of the region and its people. 

The topics we cover are: 

  • History: We find history, and the stories contained within, truly fascinating. We uncover little-known stories of the past from the regions we operate in to share with our audiences.
  • Culture: We examine the cultures and subcultures shaping our region, and analysing what influenced them.
  • Environment & Wildlife: We tell compelling stories about the environment, what impacts it, how it impacts us, and are committed to educating our audiences on how to reverse and repair the effects of climate change.
  • Human Welfare: People are at the heart of everything we do, and so we tell the stories of everyday people, the lives they live, and their daily challenges and triumphs. 
  • Educational Content: In South Asia, where there is a lack of information and content readily available in local languages, we ensure our local language platforms have both international and general educational content that can elevate access, knowledge and information. 
  • Explainers & Analysis: We break down systems and structures for easy consumption and provide analyses on complex subjects, such as current affairs and economic, public and social policy.
  • Profiles: We profile interesting people doing interesting things in all of the regions we operate in. 
  • Sports Features: We create compelling features about athletes who deserve far more attention than is usually accorded them. We don’t limit ourselves to the present — interesting and unique stories about sporting events or persons of the past are fair game too.
  • Science & Technology: We like to stay on top of the latest technologies and breakthroughs so we can explain what these developments could mean for the countries we operate in and our audiences within.  
  • The Arts: The arts, with its individual, subjective interpretations of history, culture, current affairs and the other questions that compel the artists the most, offer so much insight, that we enjoy commenting and critiquing film, art, installations, books and more to make them more accessible to our regional audiences.
  • Exigencies: Where necessary, and within reason, during times of great social, economic or political upheaval, we respond to the unexpected by going beyond ordinary reportage and headlines to break down difficult current affairs topics and concepts for our audiences so that they can be better informed. 

What we don’t cover: 

Our desire to meet the need for niche,  purpose-driven, independent, high-quality, original content means we do not cover the following topics: 

  • News: We do not follow daily news cycles or news minutiae.
  • Politics: We do not cover politics, political news or press conferences hosted by politicians or political parties. 
  • Gossip: We do not comment on or report gossip. 
  • Celebrity Lifestyle: We do not follow the lives of celebrities or report their statements or comments. 
  • Fashion & Beauty: We do not cover, review or promote fashion events, brands or products. 
  • Unmarked Branded Content: We do not publish content on behalf of brands unless they are clearly marked as paid-content. 
  • PR Articles: We do not publish articles for or on behalf of public relations agencies or other organisations. 
  • Advocacy: We do not engage in advocacy or lobby on behalf of state or non-state actors.

For-Profit Business 

Roar Media is one of three profit-making businesses owned by Roar Global — a South Asian company that builds, operates and invests in businesses within the digital media space. Besides successful digital media partnerships within and without the region, Roar Media’s content creation models are successfully used by our in-house brand storytelling arm, to create similar high-end content for brands and organisations that want to create a positive impact in the markets they operate in. 

These brands and organisations share views and goals that are similar to ours, making for a harmonic, symbiotic relationship. We are able leverage our position in the digital landscape and knowledge of digital content creation and visual storytelling to take client brands to local and regional audiences. 

Growth Goals

Our goal is to be the foremost visual storytelling platform in the region that focuses on people and culture. We want to capture the vibrancy of the region through stories of triumph, adversity, resilience and growth. We want to tell histories and comments on the arts. We want our stories to resonate strongly with our audiences to make a lasting impact. We want to ensure that the audience we have carefully cultivated over the years continues to have access to high-quality, accurate, ‘good’ content from a platform that is both agile and responsive. We are always open to comments, suggestions and feedback, with the intention of growing and doing much more than any other platform in the South Asian region.