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We’re going mainstream this year. With our gradual foray into Sinhala content, Roar is hoping to provide the vast majority of Sinhala readers with quality content. We feel there is a growing demand among Sinhala readers for interesting and insightful stories and news features that offer something more than the average ‘gossip’ type clickbait article, and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to cater to that need. Judging by the response we’ve received so far, we seem to have made the right move. Currently we’re in the process of translating some of our more popular articles from English to Sinhala, but we’re also looking at the possibility of creating original Sinhala content that are in line with our editorial policy. Depending on the success and popularity of Roar Sinhala, we will do the same with Tamil language content down the road.

Another new feature we’ve added to our platform with the advent of 2016 is a monthly editorial. This is an op-ed similar in style to a newspaper editorial, with our staff writers taking turns to share their opinion on a current topic of national interest. An editorial will be published at the end of every month. Views expressed in these articles will be the official stance of Roar, unless specified otherwise.

This year saw the addition of yet another important aspect of publishing in the form of video stories. Our YouTube channel and Facebook page feature professionally shot and edited videos that present stories in bite-sized chunks of information that are simultaneously comprehensive and easy to digest. From mouthwatering Bombai Muttai to time-lapsed portraits to confusing development projects, Roar Videos covers it all. We do it in Sinhala, too.

In keeping with our desire to produce fresh, informative and original Sri Lankan content that our readers would be hard pressed to find anywhere else, we continue to publish brief but comprehensive and analytical news and reports in an attempt to filter out the noise. From constitutional reforms and the UNHRC resolution to Sri Lanka’s currency woes, we strive to be the go-to place for clutter-free information. All this, of course, while not forgetting to have a little fun.

That’s it for now. Your feedback is, as always, greatly appreciated, so please feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]

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