In Conversation w/ Ali Zahir Moulana: COVID-19 Muslim Burials — Will They, Won’t They?

The past week has been rife with news that Sri Lanka’s Muslim community will be granted their request to bury #COVID19 dead, instead of have their bodies cremated — although there has been no official confirmation of the fact by authorities. Ali Zahir Moulana, a former state minister, who has been vocal on this issue throughout the pandemic, joins Roar Media to discuss the latest developments.


Tourism, Apparel And Migrant Workers The Most Impacted

Three of our most vital industries have been hit hardest by the ongoing #COVID19 pandemic. Together, the apparel industry, migrant workers and the tourism industry contribute to roughly a quarter of Sri Lanka’s total GDP, but with the latest #COVID19 cluster impacting garment workers, migrant workers stuck abroad and unable to return home, and the tourism industry at a standstill, employees in all three of the industries are facing significant challenges. Here’s a summary of each industry’s contributions to the Sri Lankan economy and how the pandemic may impact their workforce and profits.


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