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Best Cosplay At Lanka Comic-Con ’15


Gazala Anver

By Gazala Anver

Staff Writer

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For those of you who had no idea, Lanka Comic-Con took place last weekend (November 28 – 30), as part of the Cyber Games Festival at the BMICH. Although the event itself was quite small, and because it was the first of its kind, it goes without saying that it could have – and hopefully will – be better in the years to come. We’d like to see more merchandise and events and, of course, more cosplay. Yes, you read that right. Cosplay. To be sure, it was strange to see the BMICH filled with people dressed up for more than just an awards ceremony.

We decided to feature some of the best costumes we saw at this year’s Comic-Con as inspiration for those of you who missed out. We may not have access to some of the cool outfits you would find abroad with ease, but that certainly didn’t stop the cosplayers from getting creative. Here’s our pick:

[foogallery id=”5018″]

Images courtesy of Ruwen Gy Sil, Anjana Nishal Dharmasiri and Ranmith Welikala

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