In Pettah, A Festival Of The Chariot

The streets of Colombo are increasingly associated with either traffic or protesters (and sometimes both). Yet, on occasion, we are treated to a riot of sound and colour when a celebration, or religious or cultural procession takes to the streets.

A Hindu ther thiruvizha (Festival of the Chariot) is not an unusual sight in the city. Many temples organise these processions as an act of devotion to various deities. Typically, the procession involves a chariot bedecked in flowers carrying the deity, accompanied by a colourful and noisy procession of devotees, who move the chariot by pulling the ropes attached to it.

Last week, the Sri Kathir Velayudha Swamy Kovil in First Cross Street, Pettah, conducted a ther, and pictured here are some of the most captivating moments of the procession.


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