Sri Lanka Through A Curious Lens Part 3 – Rayyiu Radzi

Rayyiu Radzi, who goes by the name ‘Ray’, has a few pictures of Sri Lanka in his portfolio. As little as they are in number, the stories they tell are of a Sri Lanka we, even as natives, are not very likely to know. Most of his photographs capture Muslims, women cloaked in abayas, but they are quite different from what we have normally come to expect.

Scratched and of a vintage look, his photographs are of cooler tones that make the viewer feel almost nostalgic while browsing through the collection. The photographs feel as if they have been taken at a different time and possibly a different place – almost as if they were taken in a parallel universe.

Hailing from Malaysia, the bio on his website reveals that he ‘seeks beauty of all kinds’ when taking photographs, ‘respecting it and capturing it in the most raw and real moments to create a sense of feeling.’ Ray seeks to stimulate our imagination with his photographs.

Have a look at some of his selected photographs below and let your imagination run wild while dreaming up stories for each of them.

Intrigued by Ray’s photographs? There’s more! Follow this link for more amazing, unreal photographs.

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