The Best of #WWIM12SriLanka

Yesterday was a big day for Lankan Instgrammers. The World Wide InstaMeet (WWIM12) saw a gathering of a large crowd of excited IGers coming together to connect, explore, and celebrate their creativity.

Sunday’s InstaMeet featured something new as far as Instameets go. After meeting up at the Castle Hotel in Slave Island, InstaMeet participants shared goodies, chatted for a while and had the opportunity to partake in an informal discussion featuring a panel consisting of prominent Instagrammers and photographers like Malaka Pathmalal, Amalini De Sayrah, and Menika van der Poorten. IGers then took to the streets of Slave Island where they spent the rest of the evening watching canines perform circus tricks and strolling through colourful but narrow alleyways.

Following the InstaMeet, there have been some great photos making its way to the Insta-sphere under the official hashtag #WWIM12SriLanka. Here are some of the best of what’s out there.

We captured little snippets of the InstaMeet on our Snapchat ( If you hurry, you could still catch the excitement on our Snapchat Story!


Nusky Mukthar

Sachindra Umesh

quintessence : #wwim12srilanka .👶👵👴👦👧👩👨 #instagramers #instameetsl #moments #discoveringcolombo

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Amanulla Nizam

Irangi Wadumesthri

The circus of life. #dogsofinstagram #srilanka #streetcircus #wwim12srilanka #wwim12sl

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Posers on a Sunday evening #wwim12srilanka

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. @mufarris caught Traingrammimg.. #wwim12srilanka #InstaMeetSL #Colombo #SriLanka

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The thing about poverty is that it is not simply about being in a state of not-having. It is about being in a state that perpetuates that not-having; a structure of violence that reproduces itself with every new generation. If you don't believe me, look into Nazar's eyes. This is him posing. Possibly smiling. To me his eyes scream 'misspent youth'. His bling and general demeanor are relics of his former glory; a brilliant, brief flash of skipping school, beeda hits, fun with the boys on the streets and then seeing that short dream vanish into the job of a day laborer, to be held for the rest of his life. Where did it all go? His eyes ask, forever gazing at a future that could have been. On the streets I see the next generation that will follow in Nazar's footsteps. Idle hands and minds, stuck within a society largely lacking in the soft and hard resources needed to boost them to a level of self-awareness capable of making them productive, both for themselves and to the world at large. This is the plight of the urban poor. Structurally oppressed. Economically exploited. Socially marginalized. And, in the case of the youth at least, blissfully unaware of it until reality hits; often too late. #Srilanka #streetphotography #wwim12srilanka #everydaysrilanka #wwim12

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Holy contrast, Batman!

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Manioc chips > French fries? 😏 #Srilankanstreetfood #wwim12 #wwim12srilanka #Galleface

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