Vesak 2018: A Glimpse At The Festival Of Lights

A monk takes a photo of the Colombo Town Hall, which was decorated with lights for Vesak.

The road adjoining the Town Hall was canopied with lanterns for Vesak.

Colombo Town Hall all lit up with Vesak decorations.

People from across the island come to Colombo during Vesak to catch the sights while riding in the back of trucks.

Sightseers stop by a dansal to enjoy a beli mal tea in Union Place

One of the dansalas in Union Place was offering beli mal tea to all passersby.

Tuks are another mode of easy transport during Vesak. Kids with masks enjoying their ride

A dansala at Slave Island offering milk coffee to passersby.

A man selling toys and masks poses for a moment with his Guy Fawkes mask on.

People in numbers wander around the Gangaramaya Vesak Kalapaya.

The bridge across the Beira Lake in the Gangaramaya Vesak Kalapaya, covered in lights.

A saravita seller among the crowd at Gangaramaya Vesak Kalapaya.

An achcharu seller has found himself a prime location.

A young boy taking a photo of the Gangaramaya vesak decorations.

A group of young monks visiting the Gangaramaya Vesak Kalapaya.

Traffic can get intense during Vesak. A motorbike may be the best solution for a small family.

Large crowds gather around the Gangaramaya Vesak Kalapaya to check out the stalls.

This lantern stall has attracted a large crowd.

A young boy taking a photo of the lanterns while riding his father’s shoulders.

Mouth watering achcharu that doesn’t cost that much.

A large lantern on display at the Gangaramaya Vesak Kalapaya.

Another large lantern on display at the Gangaramaya Vesak Kalapaya which drew the attention of many would-be photographers.

A muppet show (rookada sandarshanaya) in the Gangaramaya Vesak Kalapaya also drew a large audience.

Perehera Mawatha in the Gangaramaya Vesak Kalapaya was full of lanterns, light decorations, and, of course, people.

The Sri Lanka Navy had set up a boat where their staff performed Bakthi Gee recitals around the Beira Lake.

A well lit Lotus Tower is hard to miss if you are in Colombo.

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