Love Is Expensive This Valentine’s Day.

Yes, it’s that time of the year again – when hearts, roses, chocolates, and various shades of pink catch your eye wherever you go, and every song on the radio seems to sing of romance.

Valentine’s Day has become highly commercialised over the years and influenced Sri Lankans to join the celebrations. The fear of missing out and social media trends pressure individuals to do something special for their loved ones, be it big or small. But this year’s Valentine’s Day is heavy on the wallet, even for the many Sri Lankans who want to celebrate. 

In the past year, the global economy saw a rise in inflation, but we in Sri Lanka got the worst of it, with a political and economic crisis becoming the cherry on top. This has impacted all areas of life, small and big alike.

Even though this year the Valentine’s hype has been unprecedented — contributed largely by some of the more extravagant packages on offer for the big day — many are struggling (and compromising) to make their significant other’s day special. 

Those who once spent lavishly on flowers, chocolates, and other goods for Valentine’s Day have either stopped or cut down on their expenses considerably due to the price increase of almost all items in the market. Some are rethinking celebrating it at all this year.

Story: Paramie Jayakody

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