How The Stock Market Performed In July 2016

Another month has gone by, which means we’re now almost 60% through 2016. It is no secret that the CSE has been a relatively lacklustre performer this year. Around this time last year, the ASPI was trading at levels between 7,400-7,500 points. Fast forward to the present and it is trading firmly in the 6,500-point territory.

Data courtesy The Wall Street Journal.

Data courtesy The Wall Street Journal.

As the chart above shows, the CSE is among the worst performers in the region. While a lot of factors have contributed to this, a large part of the blame falls on the spectres of policy uncertainty and macroeconomic weakness.

Of course, every dark cloud has a silver lining, and we mentioned last month that the downturn would delight long-term investors, since they’ll be able to load up on valuable blue-chips at very attractive prices. Just as we predicted, Foreign Institutional Investors bought into the market, resulting in a net inflow of LKR 1.4 billion.

Stock Market performances - July 2016

Stock Market performances – July 2016

On the flipside, Local Individual Investors became net sellers to the tune of around LKR 1 billion, displaying the short-term thinking, which tends to dominate the domestic individual investor circles.

All in all, the ASPI and the S&P SL20 gained 1.76% and 3.46% respectively, during the month of July. As a result, the market’s PER also increased to 13.1x, up from 12.98x a month earlier.

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