Here Are Sri Lanka’s Endangered Birds

Twenty of Sri Lanka’s 34 known endemic bird species are now threatened, the National Red List on the conservation status of native birds report. Ten endemic bird species have seen their conservation status deteriorate from the last time the National Red List was published – that was in 2012. 

Over 520 bird species call Sri Lanka their home, and many of them are migratory. The red list looks only at 244 species that breed on the island. It lists 19 of these species as being critically endangered, 48 as endangered, and 14 as vulnerable.

“The challenge faced by Sri Lanka is to keep the common species common and prevent their habitats from degrading,” the report warns. The assessment for the report was carried out in 2021, coordinated by the Ministry of Environment’s Biodiversity Secretariat, with the technical support of over 30 ornithologists. 

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