How Safe Are The Sharks In Sri Lankan Waters?

Last month, a distressing image of shark carcasses on a fisher’s boat said to be in the vicinity of the Pigeon Island Marine National Park, was widely circulated on social media. Public outrage prompted a response from State Minister of Fisheries, Kanchana Wijesekera, who tweeted that officials from the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources would be investigating allegations of illegal shark fishing in Trincomalee. While results of that investigation have not yet been made public, the shark killing left a trail of questions regarding the protection of shark species in Sri Lanka.


Are ‘Marine Protected Areas’ Helping Sri Lanka Protect Ocean Habitats?

The disastrous nurdle spill resulting from the May 2021 fire onboard the MV X-PRESS Pearl off the coast of Sri Lanka led to extensive discussions about environment protection — particularly concerning marine and coastal conservation. Unfortunately, the focus has largely been on the specific event and less on the bigger picture — the combined impact of the worsening climate crisis and ineffective resource management on Sri Lanka’s coastline.


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