Death Before Dishonour; Coffee Before Anything


It’s late, you’ve been procrastinating the final draft of that project and the deadline’s finally here. You’ve got all your material, but your efforts not to sleep seem to be futile. The yawns and stretches are becoming more frequent. This situation is a standard example of when generations of overworked humans have turned to coffee.

From jumpstarting your morning to keep you awake, coffee has become as important as the labour it accompanies and therefore tops many lists when it comes to exports, imports and even national incomes. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise when coffee comes with a pop culture of its own.

What is coffee culture?


The coffee culture comprises of a spectrum of people: those starting their daily routine, over worked employees, hung-over college students and then, the more elegant connoisseur and coffee enthusiasts.

Coffee itself is a product consumed by many despite of their age, race or religion and in turn, creating its own brand of a global culture. But unlike most popular cultures, which are inherent and subject to criticism by folks not in the scene, the coffee lifestyle is still warmly welcomed and has been willingly diffused over generations.

The coffee culture in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka was, and still is, well renowned for its tea and has a rich culture based on the beverage. This is evident each time you enter a local household and you’re greeted with a warm cup of thé. Yet coffee as a product made it to our shores way before tea and has survived alongside it, although we think it’s mainly because of all its adrenaline inducing perks.

The modern coffee enthusiast, however, looks for more than just a plain cup of coffee.  Sometimes it’s the beverage itself and the unique twists a cafe might offer; sometimes it’s the ambience or sometimes, just sometimes, it’s the free Wi-Fi.

These internet-hogging socialites now have a place in Sri Lanka and with global brands like Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Barista opening their branches around town. One such addition to the arsenal of the modern coffee enthusiast is, a blog that celebrates the aesthetics and culture of coffee. – Chronicling the story of coffee in Sri Lanka


A better description of the community is given in the words of the sites contributors and creators.

“This blog will feature articles, reviews, info graphics, comics and other whatnots that highlights coffee culture, coffee communities and people, coffee houses, coffee creativity and coffee evolution.

We don’t believe to know everything there is about coffee but we are driven towards enhancing your knowledge as well as ours on this coffee journey. If you happen to brew a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, or need a shot of espresso to fall asleep at night and are everything in between, this is definitely the place you will be more than welcome.”

With a writing team consisting of individuals who share a passion for coffee as well as indulge in it as a part of their daily routine, Kopikatha gives its readers quality insight on coffee, it’s culture and they also have brilliant recommendations for when and where to get your caffeine on.

Before your next hit of caffeine, it’s worth hitting up kopikatha first.

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