Murder Mystery: The death of Shirley Boonwaat

“Was the perfect murder carried out in Sri Lanka five decades ago?” The murder in question is that of Shirley Boonwaat, who was murdered at her residence on the 15th of October 1967, near the Liberty Cinema on Dharmapala Mawatha (then Turret Road). The alleged culprit was her husband, the then Burmese Ambassador W. K. H. Sao Boonwaat, who may have gotten away with the crime due to his diplomatic immunity. At the time, the Ambassador’s home was known as ‘Carlton Lodge’ — revamped in the recent past to become the high-end Capri Club restaurant.


‘History Is About What It Means To Be Human’: Sujit Sivasundaram— #The Debrief w/Roel Raymond

In the latest episode of #TheDebrief, Roar Media Editor-in-Chief @roelraymond speaks to University of Cambridge Professor of World History Sujit Sivasundaram about his two books, ‘Islanded’ and ‘Waves Across the South’, as he recounts the importance of world history, the forgotten legacy of the global South, and where Sri Lanka is now in the crosshairs of geopolitical rivalries.


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