In Pictures: #FloodSL – May 2017

Floods and landslides have wreaked havoc across fifteen districts, with the Ratnapura, Kalutara, Matara, Hambantota and Gampaha districts worst affected. Since the first disasters struck early on Friday (May 26), search, rescue, and relief efforts have been underway by the tri-forces and volunteers from across the island

May 29: Eheliyagoda, Ratnapura – Residents and relatives of those declared missing observe as search and rescue operations are underway. Image credit: Roar/G. Gamage

Thirty-year old Udayakumara lost his parents in the Maligakanda landslide, which destroyed seven houses. The morning of the disaster, his father had called to say, “It’s raining here.” Image credit: Roar/G. Gamage

Sixty-five year old Podinona waits near the site of the landslide, which is closed off to the public. Image credit: Roar/G. Gamage

Rescue and clearance efforts underway. Image credit: Roar/G. Gamage

Residents salvage chairs and a stereo set as rescue workers continue to work. Image credit: Roar/G. Gamage

Sunil Sarathchandra, 56: “My son and his family are still [buried] in this mud. This is our forefathers’ land, and everyone here are relatives. I got caught to the landslide, too, but managed to escape. My son didn’t.” Image credit: Roar/G. Gamage

People crowd around as a body is recovered. Image credit: Roar/G. Gamage

Army rescue workers carry a stretcher bearing the body of a young girl. Image credit: Roar/G. Gamage

The unexpected presence of a dog, who spends a lot of time sniffing out the site of the landslide, perhaps looking for someone he knew. Image credit: Roar/G. Gamage

A school in Watapotha, Ratnapura, currently a temporary shelter for those displaced by landslides. Image credit: Roar/G. Gamage

The temporary shelter currently houses 212 people from 67 families. Image credit: Roar/G. Gamage

A young girl looks out from within the school, her current home. Among the displaced are 88 children. Image credit: Roar/G. Gamage

R. M. Mahinda, 35 (seated) lost his home to the landslide. His young son was nearly swallowed up by the falling earth, but Mahinda managed to rescue him just in time. Image credit: Roar/G. Gamage

Residents displaced by the landslide. Around 26 people are believed to have perished in the disaster, although, at the time the photo was taken on May 29, only 12 bodies had been recovered. Image credit: Roar/G. Gamage

A shop owner in Ratnapura cleans out his shop at night, which was littered by debris from the floods. Image credit: Roar/G. Gamage

May 28: Ratmalana Air Force Base – The armed forces have played a vital role in coordinating and providing relief material to people affected by the disasters. Image credit: Roar/Muditha Katuwawala

While the army is undertaking rescue missions in the landslide affected areas, the Air Force has taken on the responsibility of collecting, transporting, and distributing flood relief material, while also conducting rescue services via air. Image credit: Roar/Muditha Katuwawala

Donated material being sorted according to edible, non-edible, and other. Image credit: Roar/Muditha Katuwawala

Water bottles donated by civil society organisations. Image credit: Roar/Muditha Katuwawala

Air Force volunteers sort out the donations. Image credit: Roar/Muditha Katuwawala

By afternoon, fresh batches of donations pour in. Image credit: Roar/Muditha Katuwawala

Edible donations being packed to minimise damage. Image credit: Roar/Muditha Katuwawala

Air Force volunteers weigh the donation material before loading the helicopters and aircraft. Image credit: Roar/Muditha Katuwawala

Moving packed material to the aircraft. Image credit: Roar/Muditha Katuwawala

An Mi-17 is loaded with donation material. Image credit: Roar/Muditha Katuwawala

Packed, loaded, and ready for take off. Image credit: Roar/Muditha Katuwawala

May 26: Agalawaththa, Kalutara ‒ In the aftermath of a landslide, a man walks across rubble that includes a crushed motorcycle. Image credit: Roar/G.Gamage

Residents watch as rescue operations are underway. The Kalutara district is one of the worst affected by recent disasters. Image credit: Roar/G.Gamage

A young man takes a photo of the destruction left behind by the landslide in Agalawaththa. Image credit: Roar/G.Gamage

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