Delivering Packages In And From Sri Lanka


The world is a much smaller place now than it was ten years ago, or even five years ago for that matter. Better communications systems and the widespread adoption of the internet means that we are regularly in touch with and connected to people and places geographically quite far from us. We can exchange information, learn new skills, and tap into more resources than we ever could before. It also means greater access to tools, better sharing of ideas, and a much larger area of influence. That changes the way we do business. More efficient supply chains and faster manufacturing means you can design something in Sri Lanka, build it in China, and then sell it San Francisco without ever having to leave your seat.

But while the internet makes the transfer of all things digital so very easy, all business is not solely virtual. A 3D umbrella, no matter how well designed, is not going to keep the rain off your head. Working with people across countries makes it necessary to send documents, samples, prototypes, and material back and forth across borders, and this can be complicated.


The process of shipping hasn’t evolved nearly as fast as the rest of the business world. It hasn’t kept up with the free flow of information and how companies do business with each other across international boundaries. If you do need to transport something, whether it be to another country or even somewhere else within the same city, you’d need to package it safely so it will survive the trip, maybe hire transport, get someone to go with the package, and then hope it arrives safely. If you have to transport it internationally, there is a whole lot more you’d have to go through, with customs and red tape and bureaucracy slowing everything down.

The best thing to do would be to use a dedicated service to make this process easier.

The Sri Lankan postal service does offer ways to transport your stuff across borders. Their EMS is an express service for documents and merchandise and they have a Logi Post service for parcels that are heavier than usual.

But if you want a bit more personalised service, speed and extra care taken with your packages, you might want to go with a courier company instead. You’d go visit their offices with the package, pay them a delivery fee, and the courier service makes sure it arrives at its destination. There are several of these operating in the country, companies both international and local, but the one that has snagged the hottest domain names for courier services in Sri Lanka is called GTV Enterprises. They’ve got dibs on both and, which means they’ve moved pretty fast (which is always a good sign ‒ for couriers).


Using A Courier Service

Domestic Courier

Through, you can have someone come and pick up your package right from your doorstep and expect it to arrive at the destination without any further effort from your side. If you need your package delivered locally, has quite a number of branches across the country, which makes it a lot easier to get things across on time. The service transports anything from documents to large parcels, and is open for business every day of the week. They even have an Overnight Delivery Service for important packages, and a special VIP Delivery Service that sends or returns documents or parcels within an hour and a half inside Colombo city limits. Their Express Mail Service also takes your packages across the country in the shortest possible time. These, and several other services, are offered by to get your packages across locally. They also offer value added services like payment on delivery, cheque collections, and gift deliveries.

International Courier

If you need to ship a package to an international location, the company has that covered, too. They handle all the documentation and red tape that goes with international shipping, and also have warehouses with modern systems that can handle large consignments of goods. will handle the sorting, labeling, and picking up and delivering to ports, right up until it reaches its destination. They also allow you to track the shipment through their Electronic Track and Trace systems so you always know exactly where it is. The World Express Service reaches almost any destination around the world, and through their links with other international services, ensures that all packages arrive safely at their destination, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the items.


Dealing with the hassles of shipping goods is much easier when you work with people who pretty much do it for a living. With a presence in over 200 countries, several decades of experience, and having regularly worked with big brands, GTV enterprises brings a lot to the table. They are also open 24/7, in case you feel the need to ship anything at 2:00 in the morning, and their customer care service is available round the clock. Once delivery is complete, a Proof of Delivery document (POD) is given to the customer, so they know for certain that their package has arrived at its destination.

Doing business across large geographical distances can be tricky, which is why it makes sense to engage the services of a business that has a reputation for getting the job done and for making the process as easy and as secure as possible.


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