In this fast-moving world, living on your own terms is almost a requisite: with the prices of housing skyrocketing, however, moving out of your parents’ home and into your own would seem like a luxury. In addition to the cost of owning a house, maintaining a house requires time, time which young professionals of today simply don’t have. Almost as if in response to this change in needs, even a city as small as Colombo has seen many apartment buildings and complexes cropping up with advantages that supersede the benefits offered by a house.

Houses Vs. Apartments

A great example of vertical living made affordable, projects like Fairway Koswatte ensure that the usual hassle of owning your own house are negated.

Houses often spell family, children, and scarily enough, constant cleaning and fixing. The cost of maintaining your own house often overlooks the constant need of replacing, repairing or  renovating, almost on a weekly basis it would seem. Apart from monetary costs, however, this is also time-consuming, and as a result of this hassle, many office goers and young professionals are increasingly opting out of the hassle of owning a house. Of course, hiring a personal cleaner and cook makes things easier, but at a time when every cent counts, this is just another added burden.

Living The Fast Life

Vertical living is essentially living without the usual hassle of owning a house: a less obvious advantage, but one which should not be overlooked, is that most apartments today even take care of maintenance and repairs, saving money otherwise spent on plumbers and electricians.

Vertical living also means easy access to services that would otherwise require driving out into the city to obtain. Laundry, gym and pool facilities, coupled with 24/7 security and even garbage disposal, takes care of the hassles our parents’ generation often had to contend with.   

Apart from ease of access and maintenance, the obvious reason why apartments are increasing in popularity is because they often cost less than a house ‒ and that certainly does not include a house with a built-in pool, event hall, activity room, gymnasium and games room ‒ all facilities which high rise apartments, notably new ventures like Urban Living Fairway Koswatte offer for less than the price of a house.

Apartments can be the right balance between spacious and compact – offering the right amount of room to move around, and not too much to make maintenance a headache.

Without a doubt, the biggest advantage of living in an apartment, however, is security for both inhabitants and possessions, including your vehicle, at all times of the day and night. In addition to security, there’s a tiny Sri Lankan quirk which has convinced many millennials that apartments are a better investment: prompted by the possibilities of blackouts, which leach into precious productive hours, it’s the attraction of guaranteed access to basic facilities like electricity and water that has sealed the deal for many.  

While many say that the biggest downside of living in an apartment is the lack of greenery and gardens, you’d be surprised to hear that even that is changing: in Koswatte, for instance, Fairway Koswatte has a well-maintained garden and landscaping, a welcome reprieve from the concrete jungle that the city is increasingly turning into.

Even if the love of your life is your car, which city living has made essential but difficult to won due to a lack of parking spaces, living in an apartment has ensured that there’s not just security but space for your car, and perhaps even a spot for a guest car, making life easier for those who work the nine to five.

So if you’re battling out the pros and cons in your head, it would seem that apartments have long since rested their case.