The Fairway English Creative Writing Workshop: Aspiring Writers Learn From Some Of Sri Lanka’s Most Accomplished Literary Talent

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Bringing together an experienced panel of writers, the Fairway English Creative Writing Workshop was held for the second consecutive year, on the 3rd and 4th of November. Well received amongst its participants, the English Creative Writing Workshop was yet again a refreshing event that helped inspire and provide extensive know-how and much-needed practice.

Madubhashini Disanayaka Ratnayake hosting the session, ‘Understanding Creative Writing’

Having understood the shortage in opportunities to direct literary talent, Fairway Holdings organised the two-day workshop with clear intention to facilitate consistent, original and high standards in literary effort.

Ameena Hussein speaking on ‘Short Stories’

Vijitha Yapa discussing ‘Publishing’

The workshop was constructed to have seven sessions where each panelist tackled a different topic. Gratiaen Prize-winning novelist, Madhubhashini Disanayaka Ratnayake, started off with the session, ‘Understanding Creative Writing’, where she spoke of stepping out of one’s comfort zone and showing a story instead of telling it. Ameena Hussein, renowned author, editor and publisher, spoke to the crowd on ‘Short Stories’ and explored different techniques of writing short stories and the basic tenets of composition. Celebrated journalist, editor, bookseller and publisher, Vijitha Yapa, focused on ‘Publishing’ and highlighted matters of dealing with publishing and publishers as well as translations. The final session on the first day saw Charulatha Abeysekara Thewarathanthri, 2016’s Gratiaen Prize winner for her novel, Stories, speak on ‘Writing Novels’ and the journey of the completion of her book. She also spoke on what is expected of being a recognized author.

Arun Welandawe Prematilleke explored ‘Playwriting and Screenwriting’

Day two of the workshop saw actor, playwright and theatre director, Arun Welandawe-Prematilleke, address the gathering on ‘Playwriting and Screenwriting’. He spoke on the key characteristics and differences between writing for readers and live audiences, writing formats and targeted writing for theatres and the screen. Jill Macdonald, the Founding Principal of The Study and a judge of the Gratiaen Prize, conducted the session on ‘Editing for Publication’. She touched on topics ranging from proofreading to editing, and their importance. Finally, internationally-acclaimed poet, Ramya Chamalie Jirasinghe, spoke to participants about ‘Writing Poetry’, its composition, inspiration and originality.

Jill Macdonald speaking on ‘Editing for Publication’

Ramya Chamalie Jirasinghe conducting the session, ‘Writing Poetry’

Established in 2003, Fairway Holdings has seen steady and rapid expansion within the real estate, manufacturing and trade, healthcare, financial services, and travel and leisure industries over the years. It follows a unique business model that is focused on wealth creation to its stakeholders but also sharing that wealth with its employees and community.

Well-known for its contributions to the growth and progress of literary work in Sri Lanka as the main sponsor of the Galle Literary Festival, Fairway Holdings also hosts their own award ceremony, the Fairway National Literary Awards, which recognises and appreciates outstanding literary work.

Charulatha Abeysekara Thewarathanthri speaking on ‘Writing Novels’

Similarly, the English Creative Writing Workshop was initiated in order to enhance, improve and drive candidates with the passion to pursue their literary work.

The English Creative Writing Workshop is the only space that promotes creative writing to such an extent. The collective experience and accomplishments of the panel and the discussions on a wide range of topics allowed participants all access towards nearing their literary goals. Keeping in line with their mission to establish a path to literary advancement, Fairway Holdings further intends to enrich the values within our local communities.

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