Black Hair – Boring Or Beautiful?

If you happen to be one of the 75% of the world born with black hair, you might think that having black hair makes you ordinary, but that is far from the truth. Although having black hair might make you a part of the majority, it also makes you gifted with some very special traits that only comes with natural black hair. Having black hair makes a girl undeniably beautiful. In fact, for us, Sri Lankan girls black might even be the best colour that brings out our natural features in the best way! To help you understand how you came to have black hair and the fun perks we are all blessed with, we’ve rounded up some interesting facts about this unique hair colour.

Contrary to popular belief that black hair is unique to people from specific locations, people from all parts of the world can be born with it. The colour’s got more to do with genes than with geography.

First, one of the biggest misconceptions about black hair is that is distinctive to only those living in Asia and Africa when in reality, black hair is found all around the world. From girls with snowy white skin to girls and caramel tones and rich mocha complexions, black hair has been a constant around the world since the ancient times.

Our hair colour is primarily determined by the amount of Eumelanin and Pheomelanin in it. A light Eumelanin presence results in light blonde hair and a strong Eumelanin presence, results in rich dark hair. Pheomelanin determines the redness of one’s hair; the more one has, the redder their hair. While there is a belief that the reason those living in Africa and Asia have darker hair in comparison to those who live in Europe or even the Middle East is because of the geographical location and its proximity to the sun, this is not entirely true. The levels of melanin and genetic makeup have more to do with the colour variation of hair than geographical location, proven by rare occasions of Asians and Africans having lighter hair with red, brown tinge.

Your hair can change colour with the loss of melanin, but using high-quality products can protect its luster and texture.

Although black hair is not immune from damage, it is fairly simple to care for Sri Lankan hair. As the levels of melanin in our hair changes over time, due to reasons like ageing or exposure to the sun, many women with black hair will notice their hair turn brown with more exposure to the sun or bleaching agents like chlorine found in swimming pools. And also as we grow older, the melanocyte activity slows down and eventually stops, ceasing the production of melanin. This is why our hair colour starts to fade and turn grey as we grow older.

But you can extend the luster of your black hair by giving it just a little bit of extra love and care. Investing in high-quality haircare products is always a good idea because the chemicals won’t be as harsh and it won’t strip your hair of its naturally protective oils. Our hair has the best texture that is perfectly crafted to withstand the harsh sun, dust and humidity making it less prone to thinning and easily falling out. Well-maintained locks can hold any hairstyle better, and many of the world’s best haircare brands offer hair care products specially formulated for black hair, which enhance the shine of your hair making it look effortlessly beautiful all day long.

Natural black hair is a blessing, so own it, love it and give it all the attention it needs to remain shiny and beautiful.

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