In Pictures: Pettah During Avurudu Season

As the season of koels and kavili dawned upon this sweltering hot month, people preparing for the New Year had a number of things on their minds this week – and one of them was, of course, the seasonal shopping. We made a trip to Pettah, Colombo’s most dynamic business hub, to witness first-hand how much busier the district becomes in the days leading up to avurudu.

What’s busy on a normal day, is busier during avurudu week.

Electronics hold a special attraction for some.

Bargains à la Pettah, as viewed from above.

Colourful beads make a pretty picture, but can sometimes go unnoticed amid the riot of colours that is Pettah itself.

Watches and accessories galore

Fruits on display are extra appealing to shoppers who’ve been out in the sun for a while

… as are the mouthwatering achcharu.

As shoppers go about their business, the nattamis of Pettah go about theirs, battling with the sun and the heat.

Pettah: the go-to place for anything and everything.

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