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Cybersecurity And You ‒ The Dangers Of Unlicensed Software

Over the course of Sri Lanka’s IT history, there’s been a pretty easy-going attitude towards the use of software. As long as it worked…


John Keells X Early Application Meetup

On June 5, John Keells X held a meetup for early applicants to its Open Innovation Challenge. While the deadline for applications is June…


Cambio Expands Sri Lankan Operations In 2017

Cambio Software Engineering, which builds mission critical Enterprise Healthcare Solutions for foreign clients, has been operating in Sri Lanka for the last 12 years…


#ngage 5.0 – How To Do Social Media Right

Is social media broken? Blogger and Yamu Founder Indi Samarajiva seems to think so. Facebook maintains a monopoly on turning consumers into products, believes…


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Drones And Don’ts


Dialog’s Massive MIMO Trial Paves The Way For 5G

With the increase in smart device usage globally, connectivity is important, and to sufficiently grow as a digital community, fast download and upload speeds…


Faster Online Gaming With Dialog

Online and network gaming has gained huge popularity with the adoption of massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), which started in the 1990s and gained…


High-Speed Video Streaming From Dialog

We now stream more video over the internet than ever before, and the numbers are only going to keep increasing. In 2015, more than…


Browse Social Media Faster Through Dialog

Sri Lanka loves its social media. Facebook alone has some 4 million Sri Lankan users according to some sources, and this number is growing…


MyDialog: An App To Control All Your Dialog Services

Have you ever wished that you could control all your connectivity needs through one app? That you could check your phone bill, your internet…


Microsoft Azure ‒ What You Need To Know

Servers are amazing things. They are pretty much the heart of your computer network, providing the functionality, and the means for your entire computer…


The GOYO Fitness Revolution

It’s January. You know what that means? It means that practically every gym, jogging track, or bit of open lawn will be packed with…