Dialog and Ideamart to Host Sri Lanka’s Largest Datathon for Big Data Analytics Community

In an increasingly connected world reveling in the digital age, the need for the right tools to overcome modern obstacles is a challenge that can only be met with the aid of technology. One such field that leverages technology to overcome the most insistent of challenges is data science.

Data science is an interdisciplinary field which incorporates elements from various other fields, like computer science, information science, statistics, and mathematics. It has been widely used to analyse and understand phenomena as well as to predict trends and outcomes, and it has never been as relevant as it is today.

Its importance and pertinence are growing as more and more companies seek out its benefits to improve their marketing strategies. Given this widespread desire for the potential benefits, Dialog’s upcoming data hackathon is certainly apropos.

Datathon 2019 is to be held on Friday, August 2, 2019. The initiative is the outcome of a collaboration between Dialog Axiata PLC, Ideamart, and the Axiata Analytics Centre. The initiative is part of Dialog’s efforts to address the lack of data analytics skills in Sri Lanka. 

It is Sri Lanka’s largest data science hackathon to date, leveraging Big Data, Machine Learning and Analytics to tackle real-world problems. Those who take part will have to develop machine learning algorithms based off of datasets which will be provided to them.

Data enthusiasts can look forward to the upcoming event which will assist them in creating data-driven solutions under the theme ‘Smart City Planning’, which makes the event Sri Lanka’s first-ever hackathon on this subject.

Colombo is changing, and the need for amalgamating and implementing ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) is of paramount importance. From transportation to energy, waste management and cost management, all sectors require ICT solutions for more streamlined processes.

This is where smart city planning can be helpful. Using technology, inhabitants of a city can enjoy better living standards, as not only will their city be transformed into an efficient hub of commercial activity, but also an eco-friendly one.

The main focus of the event revolves around Big Data and Machine Learning, and its intention is to help Sri Lankans invested in the field acquire the skills and expertise needed to establish themselves in the industry. Through this initiative, more pathways will be available to youth who want to help improve the future through technology but who lack the appropriate tools to alter it.

Participants will be provided complex datasets and be challenged to develop feasible models and insights which could impact businesses in real-life over the weekend following the initiation of the hackathon.

A basic brief will be given, along with a preview of the data beforehand, and on August 3 and 4, participants will be required to unleash their full potential and unravel the challenge they have been issued.

Upon the completion of this task, the panel of judges will select the final five teams to pitch their ideas. Three winning teams will then be announced, and they will stand a chance to win a total prize pool of Rs.1 million, sponsored by Dialog, Huawei and Microsoft.

Registrations will close on Sunday, July 21, 2019. Individuals who hope to apply should visit www.axiata.com/datathon in order to register.

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