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As connected as we may be, we all face the issue of going off the grid when travelling to another country. Communicating with your loved ones to let them know that you’re safe, or with your business partners to arrange a meeting, is important when you are abroad on a vacation or a business trip.

Entering a new country means spending extra time at the airport or navigating through shops, trying to find a way to get yourself signed up for a phone network. This usually means providing your passport details and signing up for a deal, which requires you to hand in an inordinate amount of personal data to a vendor you have little to no information about.

These pre-paid deals can often be costly and they don’t address the needs of Sri Lankans, who for the most part, simply want a reliable means of contacting their homes or offices whenever they feel the need, either by call or SMS. Internet credit in some of these countries is also priced at exorbitant rates, and you may end up spending more on your internet credit than you do on your accomodation.

Talk to your loved ones without any fear of exorbitant roaming charges. Image Credit: pixabay.com

Dialog is looking to address this need by introducing a new service named Big Talk. For those of you planning to travel to popular Asian and Middle Eastern destinations like India, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Cambodia in the near future, you are in luck. With Big Talk, you will be saved the hassle of switching mobile networks. Big Talk provides customers with 50 minutes of outgoing calls daily to Sri Lanka, so you can call your partner, friends, and/or your family, without worrying about running out of credit. Dialog also has plans to expand to more countries, allowing you to travel anywhere you want and never worry about finding another sim card again.

Most of us won’t answer a call while on international roaming and we can also make our loved ones anxious when we end a call quickly, for fear of incurring hefty costs. But with BigTalk, you are entitled to receive 50 minutes of incoming calls from anywhere, every day. You no longer have to worry about breaking the bank when you receive a call from a family member or your boss. You can simply answer the phone and have a nice long conversation, with absolutely no worries. For more introverted personalities, Big Talk provides unlimited SMS, allowing you to constantly update your friends, family, and colleagues on your activities through text messaging.

Travel freely and without the stress of whether you are connected. Image Credit: pixabay.com

Signing up is simple. Just dial #103*1# on your mobile, and you will be good to go. The service is available to all Dialog customers, regardless of whether their mobile networks are prepaid or postpaid.

At just US$5 a day, you can get:

  • Unlimited SMS
  • Unlimited calls within the country
  • 50 Minutes of outgoing calls to Sri Lanka
  • 50 Minutes of incoming calls from anywhere in the world

You will never feel lost again or face anxiety over the credit limit on your phone, while you are on your vacation. You will also be able to avoid the inconvenience of signing up for a new mobile service, providing your personal details to strangers in order to do so, and getting caught in the egregious loopholes of service providers in other countries. Dialog Big Talk will let you travel with an easy mind, knowing that you’re connected, no matter what.

Featured image courtesy: pixabay.com

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