The Internet of Things in Sri Lanka

IoT or the Internet of Things is a term that most of you may have heard by now, but there is often a confusion as to what it exactly is.

In human language, it’s simply is a reference to devices that connect to the internet. Most of us associate computers and phones as devices connected to the internet, but, these days everything from your car, watch, and even clothes are or can be connected to the internet.

Increasingly, homes are being termed smart homes, as thanks to technology, you can control your lighting, the temperature of your shower, and talk to an AI bot that can play your music and even substitute as a personal assistant.

Dialog Axiata recently introduced NB-IoT to their 4G LTE Network, becoming the first to launch this technology. NB-IoT is short for NarrowBand IoT, which is an effective way of reducing power consumption, extending range in buildings, increased security and helping in the reduction of component costs, thus paving the way for a more affordable form of IoT and easier deployment in sectors such as agriculture and farming.

One of Sri Lanka’s largest IT companies WS02 released an open source server to remove certain development hurdles local startups faced when developing IoT products.

IoT startups are slowly gathering momentum thanks to the support of crowdfunding platforms like CrowdIsland, and other investors that are keen to see Sri Lankans have the opportunity to experience all new levels of connectivity in their daily lives.

Dialog Axiata has developed their own IoT solution – Smartlife, that will allow users to experience the power of a smartphone right here in Sri Lanka.

Smart homes bring a whole new dimension to your living experience
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What is Connected Home?

Connected Home, a futuristic home automation solution, is one of the many revolutionary solutions introduced under Dialog Smartlife – the latest innovation in digital lifestyle and Internet of Things (IoT).

The Connected Home solution offers an array of plug and play IoT Technology products that allows users to manage a vast array of functionalities within their homes via the use of a single app called Dialog Smartlife.

The Connected Home solutions come with a home security system which includes Door Sensors, Motion Detectors and Sirens as well as temperature, and humidity sensors that remotely monitor home temperature and humidity and allow the controlling of air conditioners using Smart Plugs. All the Connected Home devices can be integrated and controlled via the Dialog Smartlife smartphone app, available on the Google Play and App Store offering versatility and adaptability.

The Connected Home devices will be available at selected Dialog Customer Care Centres in multiple ready-to-purchase kits, which can be self-installed by the customer. The ease of set-up and monitoring offered by the Connected Home solution offers customers unparalleled versatility and convenience. Product bundles for Connected Home solutions start at Rs.35,000 with the ability to customize to suit specific requirements

Benefits of Connected Home

  • Remotely control your home appliances from a single app, from anywhere, anytime.
  • Secure your home through door sensors, motion detectors and sirens. Activate them remotely and get alerts on your app in case of security breach.
  • Saves energy by monitoring temperature and humidity at home, and helps you optimise air conditioning as needed.
  • Control multiple devices with a single click on the mobile app using Scene creation.

Dialog’s SmartLife app allows you to control your lights, cooling, and other devices
from your smartphone
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In Conclusion

IoT is still in its infancy in Sri Lanka, and the costs of such systems will be a hurdle in how fast it can be adapted. However, fortunately, there is support within the tech community, and interest among investors to provide the backing that local IoT startups need to launch new and innovative products similar to Dialog’s Connected Home.

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