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Falling sick is something that we are all prone to, but there’s no telling when or where it will happen. You could be at school or at work or – God forbid – in the middle of a vacation when it happens. And then comes the inevitable, waiting rooms full of screaming kids and unfamiliar doctors who have no idea about your medical history.

eDoctor.lk has an interesting way of tackling the above. Initially aimed at acting as a bridge between the public and various medical service providers, the service has incorporated modern technology into the mix to come up with a solution that is both innovative and timely.

What is eDoctor?

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Before you get your hopes up, keep in mind that the crux of eDoctor lies in replacing initial medical advice for which you would normally visit a doctor. Based on your ailments, eDoctor will tell you which hospital to go to, which doctor to get an appointment with and if you’re registered under the correct criteria, save you the hassle of getting stuck in a waiting room at 3 in the morning.

The Founder of eDoctor, Dr.Harsha Jayakody has a vision of introducing Sri Lankans to a modernised take on the medical field. Where people would previously avoid certain subjects because they  were considered taboo or overly intimate to discuss face-to-face with a stranger, this platform helps people open up about their issues.

Dr.Harsha Jayakody

Dr. Harsha Jayakody

With the current user-base that exceeds 5500, eDoctor has gone above the expectations the team had when starting out. eDoctor also received a Merit Award at the recently held bestweb,lk competition 2015 under the commercial category.

How do you sign up for eDoctor?

A valid email address is all you need to sign up for eDoctor’s services, and a nominal fee based on the type of membership you opt to have with them.

What’s in it?

In addition to being an initial medical advice provider, eDoctor also has a feature which allows a user to maintain their medical history online. Gone are the days where you had to lug around a binder full of paperwork when dropping by the doctor. With the health records feature, your records are available to you wherever you are (provided you have access to the internet and a mobile device running Android or iOS). The medical record feature also makes life easier for the doctor, as it gives both the patient and the doctor access to all information needed.

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Then there’s ‘Travel with eDoctor.’ Say, for instance, you happen to need medical advice while out of the country; this feature will let you contact a local doctor around the clock, so you don’t have to deal with an unfamiliar doctor in sign-language.

eDoctor also caters to expectant mothers, where if initiated, based on the information provided, eDoctor will send out timely messages on what to expect when, and general DOs and DON’Ts.

Even though the primary objective of eDoctor was initial medical advice, it is currently affiliated with and working alongside some major healthcare providers. This could in turn mean more options for their clientele. eDoctor also specialises in advice on medical reports, dietary, sexual health and fitness advice, etc.

Bottom Line

If you’re someone like me to whom going to the doctor to check out a symptom is an absolute last-resort, be it horrible childhood memories or a general aversion to crowds, eDoctor might be your way out. And maybe you won’t have to hum and haw the next time your grandparents start drilling you about when you’re going to see a doctor about that head-cold. Just pull out your phone and voila, you’re good to go.

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