No More “Machang Some Bugger Jacked My Hubcaps, Let’s Go to Panchikawatte”

Sri Lanka is one of the places where the term ‘only in *insert country*’ is a common line to come across. Upon returning to your parked car, noticing that a part of it has gone missing and then having to buy back the exact same part that was stolen from you in Panchikawatte is one such ‘only in Sri Lanka moment.’

Fine, paying a low price and getting back what was rightfully yours in the first damn place is a small hit which most of us are willing to take. But the whole stress of getting in, finding the part and getting out of Panchikawatte, without losing another part in the process, is just not worth the time or effort.

Enter the good people at, who might have just solved this for us.


From the comfort of your home or office

A quick browse through their site followed by a call to them can get the parts of your choice to your doorstep, or should I say garage, within the day.

Not all prices are displayed on their online catalogue, but a quick call to their hotline can get you that information. Payments can be made online or upon delivery, making this process even less stressful.

The Goods


Be it brand new or second-hand merchandise, have got it covered for a range of automobile models found on our hectic Lankan roads.  Their stock includes basic parts such as mirrors and tires to fancier engine modifications and carbon fiber hoods.

Does your car need a lift?


If you’re caught in an emergency whether you need a tow or to get to the nearest police station, these guys can make it happen.

They also provide garage appointment services where they find the closest garage to you and make an appointment to go get your ride back and revvin’.

Fancy a change of rides?

The day you decide it’s time to retire your ride or to get a second one, you can check out their car auctions page for details on when, where and what cars are going under the hammer.

Useful Tips

Delivery charges apply depending on your location and the delivery time varies accordingly, too.

For the sake of efficient communication it is recommended that you talk to the telephone operator in Singlish. has definitely brought something fresh and useful to the fast growing e-commerce scene in Sri Lanka. So the next time you lose a car part and think “aiyo back to Panchikawatte”, think again, might get you sorted.

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