Startup Bundle – November 2018

The Roar Tech Startup Bundle was on hiatus for some time. But today, we are delighted to announce that it is back in action!

Without any further ado, let’s jump right in and check out the startups in the spotlight this month.


Thuru / Source: Thuru

ThuruMithuru is an initiative that unites a praiseworthy cause with gamification. Essentially, it is a gamified platform that encourages people to plant trees. Calling itself a “Green Tech” startup, the company was originally named “Thuru” and first came to the fore through the reality TV program “Kotiyak Watina Adahasak” (An idea worth a crore) on Sirasa TV. The idea was good enough that it caught the eye of Mobitel, and ThuruMithuru was born.

According to their website, they’ve already established a presence in Nepal and so far, have succeeded in planting 6,870 trees.


Immunify / Source: Immunify

By making a decision to go down a path not travelled, Immunify can count itself amongst a handful of extremely innovative startups in Sri Lanka. Their product, essentially, is a cloud based immunization monitoring system. Their goal is to deploy real time immunization monitoring and surveillance systems to help eliminate vaccine-preventable diseases like measles and diphtheria.

The Immunify method, if we can call it that, is dependent on a web app, mobile app, and smart card. A key capability of the system is that it can send out automated reminders to patients about upcoming immunization dates and camps, thus helping to preserve the “herd immunity” of any given locality.


Haulmatic / Source: Haulmatic

Haulmatic envisions itself as a startup helping to simplify highly complex supply chain operations for any type of player involved in the global logistics sector. Be it governments, freight forwarders, importers, or exporters, Haulmatic claims that it can serve anyone.

One of Haulmatic’s eventual goals is to be able to facilitate P2P (peer-to-peer) trade across borders, and the company purports to use machine learning to make sure that its tools are up to task.


Remplo / Source: Remplo

And finally (for this month) is Remplo, a BPO startup based in Kandy that offers virtual assistants (VA) to clients around the world. The firm allows its clients to pay by the hour, which translates into better value for money. Whilst by no means novel (online freelancing platforms have been offering the same thing for ages), Remplo provides their clients with dedicated relationship managers and the like, which means they are better geared to be able to provide VA services in bulk.

That’s a wrap for November, and see you next month!

Cover image credit: Product Hunt

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